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Librium: A brief overview

Librium is known generically as chlordiazepoxide and belongs to the groups of drugs known collectively as benzodiazepines. This drug is used to treat anxiety disorders as well as a number of other issues such as alcohol withdrawal.

It is important for anyone that suffers from severe and debilitating anxiety disorders to ensure that they receive the right treatment. Of course, we all feel anxious from time to time, as this is a natural part of life, but those who suffer from long term anxiety often need to have treatment to relieve the anxiety, which can take its toll on their physical and emotional health over time.

Librium is a treatment that can be used for the treatment and relief of anxiety disorders. It is known generically as Chlordiazepoxide and belongs to a group of medications that are known as benzodiazepines. This medication is designed to be taken over a relatively short term and will usually need to be taken under medical supervision.